People like us is a mini brand new gay web series, with a total of 6 episodes, created by team. is an organisation, born 2 years ago, that connects and helps the LGBT community in Singapore. They are doing a great job to keep their community all together and giving the best support. They do incredible things, one of those is giving advises about how to relate to disease and how to fight and prevent them. They also help to do free HIV test, so if you are from Singapore and wanna know more check their website.

Obviously this is one of the reality that any country has or should have, for example if you need any help in London, you can visit Soho Centre for Health and Care (29-30 Soho Square, London W1 and open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30 until 8:00pm). Everywhere you are, if you need help, just talk to someone and try to figure out where to find the solution near you.

I decided to talk about People Like Us and, also if I am not from Singapore like most of you, just because they are doing great and it is always good to remind to ourselves what we need to be careful about it and this is basically the mean meaning of People Like Us.

This web series is based on the true-to-life characters, from real stories of the gay community in Singapore. Following the lives of four gay men in Singapore, People Like Us is a poignant reflection and insightful look at being gay in Singapore. In addition to the sexual escapades and relationships that unfolds between them, the show explores critical health issues.

All this is based in Singapore but it can definitely be experienced everywhere in the world. We are all a big family!

Have a look here to know better the characters, can you see yourself in one of them?

If you are interested to watch this web series, here the link. The video are locked for meaning of security, to unlocked them you have to be 18 years old (or older) and have a valid email address, not need to register, it will just give you the code to unlock the password (copy and past the code do enjoy the clips).

Four different man, four different stories and personalities, touching the gay community at 360′, from dating apps to sex to everyday issues.

I liked it a lot and I really suggest you to watch it!

Just to let you guys know, Singapore is one of those country where is basically still illegal to be gay (Info). That is why we all need to stay together and support each others. keep it up for a better future!