Pokémon Sun and Moon is out since more than a month and what is better way for celebrating it with a gallery of the best PokéHunks around the world!


Some are my friends and some are just random people that I spot here and there from Instagram and Twitter, please enjoy!


Pokémon master #Pokémon #pokemonsunandmoon

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Joe is a massive Pokémon fan, check out his amazing art-works about Pokémon warriors on his Instagram page!



Even the cosplayer Leon Chiro is enjoying the game! (And if you don’t know him… well have a look here!)


Pokémon moon! Ahhh! #pokemon

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Kit decided to send me a very smexy picture to celebrate Pokèmon Moon and I couldn’t be more happy! Here his Instagram!

Here Tyler, with his Pokèmon Moon! Check out his Instagram!

Last but not least, Richie the community manager of Pokèmon Company.